Esty Ranch - Gunnison, Colorado

All Natural Beef Cattle from Esty Ranch

Esty Ranch takes pride in raising only the finest high-altitude, all natural beef. Our feeder calves, which are primarily born in February and March, are summer grazed at altitudes of 9,000 to 12,000 feet. They eat only natural, native high-mountain meadow grasses and clovers, and drink only pure Colorado Rocky Mountain water. Aside from the natural grass hay in the summer and early fall, their late fall, winter and spring diets include our own mix of Timothy grass hay and all natural mineral supplements and high quality grains from Colorado and North Dakota.

We raise Simmental/Black Angus cross-bred beef. This produces cattle with a good marbling throughout the meat. Our goal is to produce the best quality all-natural feeder calves and market beef available.