Esty Ranch - Gunnison, Colorado

The History of Esty Ranch

The story of the Esty Ranch is as much a part of the Colorado legend as is the town of Gunnison. Both were formed at the same time by the original pioneering settlers. Esty Ranch is listed as a Colorado Centennial Farm by the Colorado Historical Society, Office of Archaeology & Historic Preservation.

Located in the scenic Colorado Rockies, the Gunnison area was once famous for mining operations, including gold, silver, marble, coal, uranium and molybdenum. It is also famous for having some of the best hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking and boating (Blue Mesa Lake) in the entire United States.

The following stories contain some of the rich history and lore of both the Gunnison area and the Esty Ranch.

Chapter 1: Gunnison

Chapter 2: John B. Outcalt and the Outcalt Homestead

Chapter 3: Esty Ranch


Historic photos courtesy of Stanley and Suzanne Esty

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